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Final weeks before the official race start

Needless to say the Halyard was tangled around the spreaders (the piece at the side of the mast) and was not going anywhere. So it was little Lisa to the top of the mast. This was the first time I went up the mast at sea. Normally it is okay because I use the spinnaker halyards to control my position as I am hoisted but this time the spinnaker halyard was being used and the other one was tied on to me so that I could swap them over at the top offering me very little in the way of hand holds. Yeh-sure there are other ropes to hold but none of them go to the very top except the two hoisting me up and the spinnaker halyards. The other thing to consider is the fact that the boat is moving as it sails over waves and when the spinnaker collapses and re-fills with wind it pulls the mast forward and when I am at the top that pull that looks so small from the ground is in fact a meter or more and almost flicks me off the mast altogether. So it was a great challenge just Continue reading

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Yacht Master Exam

Well in the week or so since I wrote last I have completed my Yacht Masters and cut off all my hair. Sorry for the extreme delay but life has been so busy and I think that I have spent about 3 nights on land in a month… Continue reading

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Racing around the English Channel – Level 4 Training

This was a really long week of sailing that saw me 87 feet in the air trying to untangle the spinnaker haylards from the very top of the mast whilst under spinnaker sail. Not easy feat.
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English Channel Sailing – 600 miles in 5 days…

As part of our Yacht Master Fast track program we need to sail two passages as skipper that are greater than 60 nautical miles long. This week is all about getting the sea miles Continue reading

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