Bikes, newspapers and aerial silks

I’m in the paper…Yeh.  After 4 months of trying I have finally succeeded in getting in the paper and you can find it archived on my website at I was in Saturday’s issue of the Sunshine Coast Daily with great hopes of spreading the word about my yacht race to the wider audience and maybe find someone to help me.  Well it turned out that those great hopes were not unfounded as I was contacted by Cris Harris of the Fight Your Way Back initiative.  Fight Your Way Back was started by Cris and his partner Rachael, and is a group of people who are trying to fight their way back from depression using exercise.  Cris suffers from depression and has literally fought his way back using exercise to regain his focus of life.  Now Cris hopes to help others fight their way back so that they may embrace their lives and go out and live them.

Cris spotted my article in the paper and has kindly offered to train me for my 1, 000km bike ride and we will be doing our first 3 hour bike ride next Wednesday.  I am still trying to source sponsorship of a bike though.  After meeting with Cris I realised that he is a very unique character with the idea of giving much more than he takes.  I would strongly recommend that everyone who reads this visit the Fight Your Way Back homepage at to learn some more and help us spread the work of this unique initiative that helps people fight their way back from depression.

On the cycling training side of thing I have finally started by joining the local gym and attending their RPM classes.  These classes are tough and are designed to push your RPM high whilst riding a bike.  Feel the burn is somewhat of an understatement.  Also in this last week I performed my Aerial Silks routine live for the first time.  For anyone who doesn’t know what Aerial Silks is just think of when you visit the circus and the lady climbs the curtain, twists herself up and then tumbles out only to end up stopping just short of the ground.  It’s all very exciting and we have been working hard at it for months.  My knees where really knocking as I waited to perform but all in all a very good show.  I have also uploaded a video onto YouTube of the first show so please take a look.  If you search ‘Aerial Silks Lisa’ it will come up so enjoy the show.

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