Noosa Rotary, Birthdays and Bikes

Well…  What have I been up too…?  Ummm…  Let me think?  Oh that’s right.  I have presented at the Noosa Rotary Club, received sponsorship from Spin City Cycles and now have a very shiny new bike.

On the 6th of December I delivered a passionate presentation all about my hopes, dreams and what I hope to accomplish next year, of which cycling 1, 000km is just the beginning.  Wonderfully received the Noosa Rotary Club is full of delightful people, supplies wonderful food and made a fantastic effort to make their slightly nervous guest feel at home.  I have to say that giving a 30 minute presentation all about ME was slightly nerve racking especially when I have to use a microphone as well.  I am not the most technical savvy person and until then had never presented with a mike before so this was a minor achievement.  At the conclusion of the evening I was presented with a beautifully crafted pen to help me to document all of my adventures on the high seas with and I was even invited to present at the Birmingham Rotary Club once I made it to England for my training.  A big thank you to all of those present for the warm welcome and delightful conservations.  You will be able to find a copy of the Noosa Rotary Clubs Weekly Bulletin with its glowing 3 page review under the media section on my website at

Moving along it was my birthday on the 14th so Happy Birthday to me and thank you to everyone for all of the lovely birthday wishes.  Aside from this day being my birthday it is also the day that Spin City Cycles Mooloolaba offered to sponsor me a road bike and all the kit that I need for my 1, 000 km fundraising bike ride.  This is a wonderful and timely offer as I was unsuccessful in securing schools participation for the Riding for Bike Safety Campaign mainly due to bad timing (end of school term) and with the support from Spin City Cycles my energy was boosted and my birthday was made perfect.

If you are wondering, yes I am still going to continue with my 1, 000 km bike ride.  I will be promoting bike safety whilst raising money for my berth fee and my partnered charity OceansWatch with a 50:50 split on all raised funds.  I now have the nice and shiny GIANT road bike Avail 3 to complete the journey on and will be finishing my ride at Spin City Cycles Mooloolaba where a raffle will be drawn.  The major prize will be my perfect bike so I hope to see you there.  To donate please visit  Every dollar counts so no matter what size please give a little and help me to achieve my dream.

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